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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Why a Search Engine Marketing Campaign (SEM) is Important?

It’s called “putting it all together”

Research has demonstrated that the first thing a customer will do before purchasing a product or service is “Google it”. What shows up when customers search for your company/product/service name? Is it all positive? Will it make the researcher feel comfortable purchasing from you? We work hard to make sure your company/product/service are all presented with the most positive information on the search engines. This will dramatically improve the number of visitors that convert into customers.

The Marketing Campaign Process includes:

  • Reputation research
  • Brand discussion (Who you are – What you offer)
  • Determine your message and goals
  • Determine the positive information that will prove many others are satisfied with your product/service
  • Determine the tools we will utilize: Free PR, Paid PR, Video Marketing, Social Media, PPC Campaigns and Landing Pages, etc.
  • Determine the brand/product/service names and keywords we will target
  • Design and creation of your message and goals
  • Execution
  • Content Marketing, Social Media Presence and Natural Link Building
  • Tracking the results and keeping you informed

Anyone can execute a press release or video… that’s for sure. But how many can make that press release or video appear on page one for specific keyword searches?

As an added value service, we provide specific natural link building techniques that will keep the Free PR, Paid PR, and Video submissions popping up for specific keyword searches of your choice on Google.

411 Pros team can help you drive traffic, increase sales, strengthen your brand identity as well as build community awareness for your product and services.

Our solution includes proven SEM techniques such as optimized company blog, Social Media presence (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.) and product information from world class writers who provide decision enabling content. We also monitor your brand online and provide feedback on internet “word –of-mouth” to help you make business decisions.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

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