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We understand that a presence online is not all about SEO. There is a NEW digital world out there with millions of people talking, sharing and interacting with one another. Better known as ‘Social Media’ (which many people mistakenly understand to be only Facebook and Twitter), but includes a variety of social networks, blogs, shopping comparisons, review sites and viral marketing which are all ways for your business to reach its target audience by talking to them one-on-one; the opportunities have never been so good!

Social MediaYou know that social media is becoming the new wave of online marketing. What a business owner needs is the steady hand of an informed professional Social Media Specialist as a guide in this brave new world.

Along with traditional ad placements online, businesses are finding that they have to generate word-of-mouth relationships by establishing a presence on customer review sites and other destinations where people gather to share product and service opinions and recommendations. Of course, an important way to generate interest in your business online is through the business dimension of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn. These networks allow businesses to interact with their target audience directly to help raise brand awareness, improve customer service and increase customer loyalty.

Social Media Optimization is one form of online marketing that should be used to supplement Search Engine Optimization, and at the same time contribute to various SEO factors, including backlinks, authority, additional online connection, and more. These factors make an important contribution to increase the rankings of your website.

So, how can a business take advantage of the real opportunities in this environment?

A start could be simply setting up a Business Facebook Page!

And how can social media be used to provide a credible return on investment?

Our team of social media professionals would love to talk (both on and off line!) to you and when we have developed this relationship we can proceed to establishing your online social presence program in this very important arena. Also please remember that we keep our ‘ear to the ground’ finding out the latest in techniques and developments and how they can be of service to you.


Social Media
Social Media

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